Gourmet Masalas

A new chapter has been added to the history of Goan Cuisine by our very own Chef Deepa Suhas Awchat! Her name is synonymous with India's award winning Goan cuisine restaurant - Goa Portuguesa! Together, we have created a range of unique Goa Portuguesa Gourmet Masalas which is sure to fascinate your taste buds and elevate the taste of food cooked at home! The masalas are namely:

1) Cafreal Spice Mix
2) Vindalho Spice Mix
3) Curry Powder
4) Xacuti Spice Mix

Give cooking at home a twist with our varied masalas! Made from finest quality and authentic ingriedients, these masalas have 'No Chemicals and No Preservatives'! Buy now to explore and enjoy the flavours of restaurant quality food at the comfort of your home!